St. Paul's School Sasaram
A Senior Secondary School Under CBSE New Delhi
 Civil Lines Sasaram


Managed by Verma Education Trust

Situated in the vicinity of South Bihar,St. Paul’s Senior Secondary School was established in 1987. This school is affiliated with Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE). This school is co-educational school with students studying from various parts of Bihar. St Paul’s Senior Secondary School possess an efficient infrastructure which includes spacious and well lit classrooms, Science laboratories, Maths Lab, rich library, computer room, recreation room, auditorium, Kids Play Stations, Basket Ball court and a spacious ground.

Verma Educational Trust

"Education is not a vessel to be filled but a Lamp to be lit.."
VERMA EDUCATIONAL TRUST was founded in 1987 which is registered under Indian Trust Act 1910 vide Registration No. 13897/IV-48 of 1999.The trust is engaged in imparting quality education in Bihar (India). The Trust has started Schools at Sasaram (Bihar), Varanasi (U.P.) and village Meyari Bazar (Rohtas-Bihar). The aim of the trust to bring quality in educational and bring innovation in the field of education.The world is changing very fast. The expectation of general mass towards educating their children has also increased. Therefore, Verma Education Trust is giving great importance for uncalculating Students to develop their physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of personality. The trust strongly feels that harmonious development of these three facilities can bring total transformation in the personality of the child.
ST. PAUL's SCHOOL, Sasaram was founded in 1987 under Verma Educational Trust Registered under Indian Trust Act as mentioned above, as a prominent non-Government Educational Organization and in 2005, KIDS PLAY SCHOOL was founded. The school prepares students for the All India Senior Secondary School Examination at the end of class X and the Senior School Certificate at the end of class XII under the 10+2 pattern. The School is affiliated to the C.B.S.E.,Delhi. It is an English medium co-educational school which provides quality education on modern lines. Located in the heart of the Sher Shah Suri Birth Place, its imposing structure is in close harmony with nature covered with lush green and in the best posh locality of Sasaram. Its modern, technical facilities have to be seen to be believed. The school campus is completely Wi-Fi and boasts of a competent, highly qualified trained staff that is gifted with the latest knowledge and enriched with the latest skills.
From 1987 to 2011, the school has undergone incredible changes in all these years. The school is known for its outstanding results in board examinations, And what ensures this success year after year?, A systematic approach to teaching, backed by technical improvisations, experienced guidance, giving assignments to students on a regular basis, holding remedial classes for less advanced students and setting goal or target for the student these are some of the ways adopted to improve quality education in our school.

Our Future Plan

The primary focus of the institution’s activities is geared towards education and especially interdisciplinary education. The school encourages its students to apply bookish knowledge into reality via school’s flagship program “Science Exhibition” where students are motivated to demonstrate the knowledge gained by books into reality through workable models. The institution aims to present itself as a demonstrator rather than a preacher. The school aims to demonstrate – Learning how to learn. It aspires to be a centre of education, research and development, and to extend its services to the community. The future plans of the school include Introduction of Career Oriented Programs (COP) which are imperative for our community such as Spoken English, Computers Programs, Counselling etc.

Our Mission

To demonstrate: learning How to learn by giving emphasis to quality in education. To mould teachers and students who are knowledgeable and compassionate in their professional practice , creative and reflective in designing and assessing classroom performance ,and who are guided by a sense of social and ethical responsibility to the students and wider society. To enrich our classroom practices with the best of current research in teaching, learning and classroom planning. To impart value – oriented education along with quality in education in urban and rural sectors.

Our Vision

To make education accessible to all without consideration of caste, creed or gender and providing quality education in rural areas

Goals and Objective

1. Curriculum wise’ by enabling the teachers to construct and deliver appropriate curriculum for students. 2. ‘Assessment wise’ by equipping the teachers with knowledge about a variety of assessment measures to evaluate students’ learning and development. 3. ‘Relationship wise’ by enabling teachers to establish professional and reciprocal relationships with others invested in students’ learning. 4. ‘Environment Wise ‘ by enabling teachers to positive and caring environments for students’ development and learning. 5. So Far the institutions’ stated vision. Mission and values and objectives have been made known to the various stakeholders through meetings and informal discussions. 6. The institution’s goals and objectives do address the needs of the society, the students it seek to serve , the school sector, education institutions traditions and value orientations. Kindly see detailed description of objectives. 7. The major considerations addressed by the institutions objectives are Equity, self-Development, Value Orientation and Employment.